The Doyle Fire District was organized with a resolution of the taxpayers in the summer of 1904. For the next 7 years, firefighters of the Doyle Fire District operated the Doyle Hose Company from their houses. On March 4th, 1911, a meeting was held at the residence of Chief Andrew Napieralski at the corner of William and Alaska streets. A vote to erect a firehouse, not to exceed $3000 passed, and the first official firehouse for the Doyle Fire District was approved.  

As the District population grew, and a heavy residential area sprouted around Clinton Street, the taxpayers spoke again. On February 24, 1924, a motion was made by taxpayers Peter Kojm and Andrew Partacz to organize a 2nd fire station. Founded on April 10, 1924, Doyle Hose Company #2 was born. The first firehouse was built out of box car doors at a cost of $85.56 for lumber and materials, with all construction done by the firefighters. The firehouse was 18 by 22 feet and housed a two wheel fire cart and an area for meeting.

Decades have passed, and both Fire Stations have gone through numerous upgrades and additions. The population of our residents AND our Firefighters has spread out however. The current fire stations are both at the edge of the city, far from many of our emergency calls. This placement delays members responding to your emergencies and further delays the firetrucks from getting to you in your time of need. 

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Ophan’s Home was founded in 1895 by the Felician Sisters of St. Stanislaus Church, Buffalo NY. They acquired the property at 2600 William St, in the heart of the Doyle Fire District. At one point they cared for over 400 children at this property. The last child was admitted in March 1979, and the facility officially closed in 1983. Due to arson fires in 1989 and 1992, most of the complex was demolished. The last arson in 1992 was likely the largest fire that Doyle Fire District ever participated in, bringing in mutual aid from all over Erie County to assist. What a fitting tribute to continue the mission of the Doyle Fire District at a property that was developed with the good of the public in mind from its inception as an orphanage. Just as important however, is that 2600 William Street is almost EXACTLY CENTERED in our Fire District. That placement will assist all residents of our neighborhood by seeing faster response times to your emergencies. 

Fire Stations are often once-in-a-lifetime projects. Looking back at our own buildings, they are over 75+ years old. The needs of the Fire Service has changed drastically over those years, and neither building provides our firefighters or the public with the best structure to meet their needs efficiently or effectively. Please help us to help you by voting YES to move forward and be able to build a new firehouse to meet the needs of our neighborhood for the next 75+ years.

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