Welcome to Doyle Hose Company, Cheektowaga NY.

100 Volunteer

100% Volunteer Membership

Professional Training

Professional Results

The Annual Chicken BBQ is happening on Sunday August 8th, 2021.

Buy your tickets online now or see any member.

Thank you for you continued support!

As in most communities, the Volunteer Fire Department is the heartbeat of the neighborhood.

We respond to all emergencies and needs of our neighbors.

Many of our members and leadership have the following Certifications:

New York State Certified EMT
New York State Certified Paramedic
 New York State Certified First Responder
National Certified Firefighter 1
National Certified Firefighter 2
National Certified Fire Service Instructor 1
and many other certifications of State and National accreditation!


The Big Event is scheduled for Sunday September 19th, 2021.

Click here to get your tickets today!



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